What are the 10 top usps (unique selling points)?
-Highly Tear Resistant
-Easy Storage When Not in Use
-Holds 250+ Pounds
-Reusable 3 – 5 times
-Water and Weather Proof
-Fully Recyclable
-Able to Drag 75’
-Eliminates the Need to “Doubling Up” Bags
-Nail Punctures Don’t Cause Tearing
-Tough and Durable
Will Haultail® Contractor Bags do merchandising, set-up and sales training?
For large accounts, we provide in- store introduction support, sales training and tips, selling tools, literature, and some free merchandise to jump start product introduction. Retailers contact us at [email protected] for more information.
Will you provide product samples for try-out and/or testing?
No, check with your local retailer for product samples. Many stores have samples of our bags for consumers to try out the product.
What other retailers are selling Haultail® Contractor Bags currently?
Haultail® Contractor Bags are only being sold at select Menard’s locations.
What is the return policy for Haultail® Contractor Bags?
100% Customer Satisfaction (less than .005% in returns in last 5 years)
Have “Haultail® Contractor Bags been tested or certified?
Yes, “Haultail® Contractor Bags have rated at 7 mil strength and tested at 8 mil
What are the sell units currently available?
Currently single bag packaging with future possibilities of three 42 gallon box offerings: 5 count, 10 count, and 20 count boxes.
What is the product packaging/shipping modes for the bags?
Corrugated box counts in 20/10/5 counts, pallet sizes for various quantity ships.
What are the expected cost, buy quantities, shipping charges and
lead times for Haultail® Contractor Bags?
See our Retailer section and fill out your company information for pricing and quotes.
Who are the end-users for Haultail® Contractor Bags?
The primary target markets for Haultail® Contractor Bags include contractors, builders, pro-remodelers and landscapers. Secondary markets include do-it-yourselfers, farmers, junk-removers, businesses and homeowners.
What makes Haultail Contractor Bags unique?
Haultail® Contractor Bags offer a unique alternative to traditional contractor bags and are virtually tear-proof. This product is protected by a patent and manufactured with polypropylene fiber with 7 mil strength and tested at 8 mil.
Where do you find our product in the store?
We Recommend that retailers place Haultail Demolitoin Bags at the:

  • Contractor pro desk
  • Lawn and Garden Area
  • Lumber aisle
  • Masonry aisle
  • Outdoor garden area
What are the product specs of Haultail® Contractor Bags?
  • 42 Gallon Size: 30.5 x 49.0 inches ( 77cm x 120cm)
  • Capacity: Holds 110+ pounds
  • Strength: Exceed the heavy duty strength of a 7 Mil contractor garbage bag
  • Material: Poly-woven plastic fiber construction
  • Eco-Friendly: Fully recyclable
  • Cost Effective: Reusable 3 to 5 times with construction debris up to 10 times with lawn care
Can it hold Hazardous Waste?
Most federal guidelines state that you must have a 6 mil bag in order to transport hazardous waste. Our bags are 7 mil so they are capable of carrying that waste. However, you should always check with your local and state authorities to make sure you are abiding by the law.
How can I carry a full bag?
Some of our suggestions are as follows: Stick a pry bar though the top of the bag on either side for the opening, two people can then pick up the bag from the bar and safely get it to their destination.
Drag the bag on any surface for up to a football field in length without degradation of the bag.
How much weight can Haultail® Contractor Bags hold?
Our bags are designed to hold up to 110 lbs. If you can’t pick up 110 lbs. don’t worry, dragging the bag over ANY surface is ok and the bag will not break.