Haultail® Same Day Delivery in Chicago

Are you looking for a personalized gift for your friend or family member who happens to live in Chicago? Or do you want something special that’s available in Windy City to be delivered to your home?

Then look no further! We’re not just talking about delivery but fast, convenient, and safe pickup and delivery of all your items in the city. Haultail® on-demand pickup and delivery service is among the best service providers in Chicago.

With our affordable and reliable same-day shipping, you don’t have to worry about how to get your items quickly from one place to another.

Haultail® On Demand Pickup and Delivery in Chicago

Our wide network of drivers in Chicago makes fast delivery possible for us to provide same-day delivery to your door. We have a reliable and efficient network throughout the city that includes both commercial and residential areas.

You can hand us over your item between 6 am to 9 pm, and we’ll safely deliver within less than 24 hours. Our expedited, urgent delivery happens within 2 hours regardless of where you are in the city.

Items We Deliver on Same Day in Chicago, IL

Haultail® caters to almost all types of items that you can think of. We can provide same-day delivery for your packages including flowers, food, large furniture items, medicine, soaps, and electronics.

With Haultail®, you can order online or through our app 24/7 and have your item delivered to your home or any other location within Chicago city.  So, if you want to gift your friend,  then the delivery location is not an issue.

Using the Haultail® App in Chicago

The Haultail® app has been designed by experienced app developers to provide comfort, convenience, and safety to our customers. It’s also free to download on Google Play Store for Android users and iTunes App Store for iOS users.

Once the order is completed by our amazing team of delivery professionals, we’ll send you a notification so that you can easily go online and track your items. You can also keep a track of your parcel throughout the delivery process. Here’s what the app includes:

  • real-time tracking: our app allows you to monitor your job through an interactive map.
  • expedited check-out: this feature allows you to experience the best and fastest way of checking out.
  • easy way to order: you can book a job with us in just three easy steps.
  • the functionality to add pictures:  to provide additional information and proof of authenticity.
  • manage your orders: you can view, edit details and even cancel any existing pickup or delivery job you may have created.
  • scheduled delivery: you can schedule a job in advance and the delivery happens on time.


To conclude, whether you are a household or a business owner, the Haultail® app and our same-day delivery service in Chicago helps you do all your jobs in a jiffy.

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