On-Demand Pickup and Delivery

On-demand delivery services are here to stay. With hundreds of on-demand delivery providers launching across the world, this revolutionary business model is bound to leaps and bounds in the coming years. Haultail® is one of them. But before we get into Haultail® and its business, let us first understand what on-demand delivery services are because, with a better understanding, you can hire a delivery and junk disposal company more comfortably.

What is an On-Demand Pick and Delivery?

On-demand pickup and delivery is the process of picking up a product/item from a pickup location and delivering it to a drop location. 

While this looks like a fairly old model, it is not. These businesses, including Haultail®, work on a crowdsourced model where anybody with a vehicle – a two-wheeler or a truck – can work as a delivery executive. Drivers can choose to work with a vehicle of their choice and pick up and deliver items based on their vehicle size. 

Typically on-demand delivery services cater to various industries; few common sectors where these services are growing are – eCommerce, logistics, restaurants, grocery chains, etc. And, most of these companies run through a mobile application. Haultail®, for example, has a robust Android and iOS application that our customers can download in order to have their junk disposal, logistics, shipping, and other services offered. In fact, it is a one-stop app for all things hauling.

Now that we have understood about on-demand pickup and delivery in general, let us learn in detail about the key features of Haultail:

Key Features of Haultail®

  • Flexible Scheduling
Haultail’s drivers and helpers are available 24/7 for customers. What does that mean? Well, It means, if you wish to do junk removal or hire a delivery driver at any time as per your convenience, you can do it. Most of the time, we provide driver options who are closest to your pickup location, so whether you want to have something transported in the morning, afternoon, evening or, even night, our drivers are always available.
  • Affordable Pricing
Our haul services start at a nominal cost of just $9.95. There are many different types of vehicles that we have to transport different types of products. Here are all the types of vehicles we offer:
  1.  Motorcycles/scooters – for documents, lunch boxes, clothes, books, and other small items.
  2. Small cars – for small things like desktops, small television, kid’s cradles, strollers, etc.  
  3. Mid-size cars – for camping equipment, multiple suitcases, and other medium-range items.
  4. Large Cars – This includes Mini-vans, full-size trucks, SUVs for heavy items.
  5. XL & XXL Trucks – If you’re looking to relocate, or haul all your entire furniture, have a car delivered, shipped, then you can consider using this.
All these varied types of vehicles that belong mostly to our drivers and our crowd-based business model make it easy for us to provide our services at affordable costs.
  • Convenience
When it comes to convenience, Haultail® beats all its competitors by a mile. Hundreds of customers have used Haultail® for their hauling and delivery needs, and you can too. Whether you want to get something shipped from a retailer or have debris at your house junked, Haultail® provides a convenient service that you can rely on. 

The convenience is also due to our user-friendly mobile app. Our app has been designed with the best of UX/UI designers allowing our users to navigate effortlessly, create a delivery job and get it done. Simple.

  • Peer-Reviewed
Just like how Uber and Lyft provide a peer review option, we also offer a peer review option for you to rate our service/drivers enabling us to constantly evolve and enhance our service experience. Our users can also give their genuine feedback about Haultil® once they rate it. This allows them to make an informed decision about hiring our delivery, debris removal services. 
  • Real-Time on-demand pickup & delivery alerts
Most people would want to be updated about where their items are during the shipping/delivery and disposal process. Haultail®, based on ride-sharing technology, also offers real-time delivery, pickup alerts allowing users to know the status of their job. There are many ways real-time tracking helps including the below:
  1. Enhanced delivery performance with data about drivers who are performing on par with our values and who are taking off-route and need a course correction.
  2. A real-time delivery not only provides the delivery status but also gives an ETA allowing you to prepare to collect the item at the destination.
  3. The underlying GPS technology also helps us in doing sufficient route optimization while en route to the delivery location.
To conclude, Haultail® has been a pioneer in delivery on-demand, pickup on-demand, and delivery driver services. With us by your side, you can create a job, have a professional driver with a cargo truck or a van load, deliver and even unload your items with a few clicks.

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